Love is Like a Song

What will make your whiskey experience unique?

We can distill it down to…

Our single barrel selections.

What is a single barrel selection? It is when we find a specific, special full barrel to purchase from a distillery’s warehouse directly. We search for unique individual flavors for our unique individual members, so Dot Dot Dot becomes the only cocktail lounge in the world where you can enjoy these spirits.

“Some to sip, some to stir.” You may enjoy these spirits neat, but most are curated to be in a specific cocktail. After we find perfect barrels, they are bottled and specially labeled for Dot Dot Dot.

We have purchased 7 barrels of Elijah Craig, ranging from 8 to 12 years old. This spirit is why members feel our old fashioned is the best – they’ve enjoyed almost 20,000 since our opening in July 2017! Our Knob Creek Single Barrel is used in our smokin’ “Hot Box Cocktail.”

Hot Box Cocktail

At Dot Dot Dot we go far to visit these distilleries, From Guadalajara, Mexico for El Tesoro Tequila barrel to Ponce, Puerto Rico for our Don Q Rum barrel. This year our full staff visited Louisville to explore Old Forester and Woodford Reserve.

We will always search out new and unique barrels to bring to you. Thank you for all your support, and come and join our single barrel adventures!

Here’s a list of what is currently available:

Elijah Craig batch 1 // 12-year
Elijah Craig batch 2 // 10-year
Elijah Craig batch 3 // 11-year
Elijah Craig batch 4 // 10-year
Elijah Craig batch 5 // 9-year
Elijah Craig batch 6 // 8-year
Elijah Craig batch 7 // 10-year

Old Forester batch 1 // 6-year
Old Forester batch 2 // 5-year

Knob Creek Single Barrel. Batch 1 // 9-year
Knob Creek Single Barrel. Batch 2 // 15-year

1792 Single Barrel Bourbon // 6-year (coming soon)

Don Q Rum private select #1 // 4-year

El Tesoro Reposado Tequila // 26-months

Patron Reposado Tequila // 28-months (Coming Soon)

Our whisky selections pair great with our small plates and signature dishes.