Love is Like a Song

Three of our Favorite Classic Winter Cocktails

(though we enjoy them year-round)

At Dot Dot Dot we love perfecting the art of the classic cocktail. We blend our own sweet vermouth in-house, for example, and make our own house-infused black walnut gin for our Black Walnut Negronis. We always select the best whiskies, even down to buying single barrels so we control exactly what you will enjoy.

Here are three of our favorite classic winter weather cocktails, along with recipes and a few suggestions for which dishes from the Dot Dot Dot menu to pair with these classics.

You'll notice the common binding ingredient in all three of these cocktails is our house-made sweet vermouth. We can’t recommend blending your own highly enough – it's so much better!

Drink 1: Our Signature Manhattan

2.5 oz. Old Forester Single Barrel Select (9-year aged) bourbon
1.5 oz house blended sweet vermouth

Ingredients for our house-blended sweet vermouth:
3 parts Carpano
2 parts Manchino
1 part Punt e Mes

Serve up
Garnish with Amarena cherries

Drink 2: Bobby Burns

2 oz Old Pulteney scotch
1 ½ oz house-blended sweet vermouth

(see recipe above)

¼ oz Benedectine
Stir and serve up

Drink 3: Black Walnut Negroni

1 ½ oz house-infused black walnut Bulldog gin

(infused 10 days)

1 ½ oz Campari
1 ½ oz house-blended sweet vermouth

(see recipe above)

Served over a 2x2 block of ice

(*Set aside for a few minutes to thaw enough to avoid cracking in the glass once liquor is poured over.)

Best when paired with the ricotta gnocchi and pork belly dishes from Dot Dot Dot's menu.