House Rules…

1) All members and guests should thoroughly read the house rules prior to visiting. As a member it is your responsibility to share this information with your guests prior to arrival.

2) A valid ID is required upon every entry. We are a private club and this is a mandatory requirement for every single person who comes into our establishment. We must track all guests who join us and to do so we must utilize our ID scanner and online membership form.

3) All memberships must be completed online. We are unable to do this for you as your personal and sensitive information is required to complete a membership. If you want to be a member please plan on completing the membership form online. Best practice would be to do this prior to joining us.

4) Proper dress is required. We recommend business casual or smart casual. Nice jeans are allowed. Shorts, flip flops, t-shirts, and baseball caps are not allowed. We want you to look good as the staff, ambiance, decor, and other guests as well. This is not a college bar it is an upscale cocktail parlor please dress the part.

5) We strictly operate off of a “first come, first served” basis. This applies to every seat in house (including the bar).

6) We offer very little standing room. We don’t want other guests reaching over you to get a cocktail. This is a classy joint. So no you can’t “just go to the bar” when we are at capacity.

7) Guests – Limit 3 guests per member. Please plan in advance and complete your membership online prior to your arrival to help speed things up.

8) Being a member does not mean you will not wait at times to get in. When we are at capacity you will have to wait for others to leave and there may a significant wait at popular times. Please do not take out your frustration on the staff because you had to wait to get in.

9) We treat all guests equally regardless of race gender or sexual preference. If there is someone making you feel uncomfortable tell our staff and we’ll address it immediately…

10) According to NC law we reserve the right to refuse alcohol service to a guest who we believe is impaired. Please respect our decision.

11) Proper etiquette is expected. Please use your inside voice. Be polite, civilized, and friendly. Don’t be a jerk. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. We want everyone to get along. This is a Cocktail Parlor not a Sports Bar.

12) We do reserve the right to ban any members/guests who are making others feel uncomfortable.

13) If you need to make or answer a phone call please step outside…

14) Please be patient – Each cocktail is hand-crafted and takes time…

15) Our house rules are subject to change. It is your responsibility as a member to periodically check in and review this information.

16) The Host & Doorman know the Owners too… Knowing someone does not allow you to forego the previous mandatory house rules.

*Dot Dot Dot is a private social club for members and guests 21 years of age and older and possesses all required North Carolina ABC Permits.

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