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What will make your whiskey experience unique?

We can distill it down to…

Our single barrel selections.

What is a single barrel selection? It is when we find a specific, special full barrel to purchase from a distillery’s warehouse directly. We search for unique individual flavors for our unique individual members, so Dot Dot Dot becomes the only cocktail lounge in the world where you can enjoy these spirits.

“Some to sip, some to stir.” You may enjoy these spirits neat, but most are curated to be in a specific cocktail. After we find perfect barrels, they are bottled and specially labeled for Dot Dot Dot.

We have purchased 10 barrels of Elijah Craig, ranging from 8 to 12 years old. This spirit is why members feel our old fashioned is the best – they’ve enjoyed almost 20,000 since our opening in July 2017! Our Knob Creek Single Barrel is used in our smokin’ “Hot Box Cocktail.”

Hot Box Cocktail

At Dot Dot Dot we go far to visit these distilleries, From Guadalajara, Mexico for El Tesoro Tequila barrel to Ponce, Puerto Rico for our Don Q Rum barrel. This year our full staff visited Louisville to explore Old Forester and Woodford Reserve.

We will always search out new and unique barrels to bring to you. Thank you for all your support, and come and join our single barrel adventures!

Here’s a list of what is currently available:

Elijah Craig batch 1 // 12-year
Elijah Craig batch 2 // 10-year
Elijah Craig batch 3 // 11-year
Elijah Craig batch 4 // 10-year
Elijah Craig batch 5 // 9-year
Elijah Craig batch 6 // 8-year
Elijah Craig batch 7 // 10-year

Old Forester batch 1 // 6-year
Old Forester batch 2 // 5-year

Knob Creek Single Barrel. Batch 1 // 9-year
Knob Creek Single Barrel. Batch 2 // 15-year

1792 Single Barrel Bourbon // 6-year (coming soon)

Don Q Rum private select #1 // 4-year

El Tesoro Reposado Tequila // 26-months

Patron Reposado Tequila // 28-months (Coming Soon)
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Three of our Favorite Classic Winter Cocktails

(though we enjoy them year-round)

At Dot Dot Dot we love perfecting the art of the classic cocktail. We blend our own sweet vermouth in-house, for example, and make our own house-infused black walnut gin for our Black Walnut Negronis. We always select the best whiskies, even down to buying single barrels so we control exactly what you will enjoy.

Here are three of our favorite classic winter weather cocktails, along with recipes and a few suggestions for which dishes from the Dot Dot Dot menu to pair with these classics.

You'll notice the common binding ingredient in all three of these cocktails is our house-made sweet vermouth. We can’t recommend blending your own highly enough – it's so much better!

Drink 1: Our Signature Manhattan

2.5 oz. Old Forester Single Barrel Select (9-year aged) bourbon
1.5 oz house blended sweet vermouth

Ingredients for our house-blended sweet vermouth:
3 parts Carpano
2 parts Manchino
1 part Punt e Mes

Serve up
Garnish with Amarena cherries

Drink 2: Bobby Burns

2 oz Old Pulteney scotch
1 ½ oz house-blended sweet vermouth

(see recipe above)

¼ oz Benedectine
Stir and serve up

Drink 3: Black Walnut Negroni

1 ½ oz house-infused black walnut Bulldog gin

(infused 10 days)

1 ½ oz Campari
1 ½ oz house-blended sweet vermouth

(see recipe above)

Served over a 2x2 block of ice

(*Set aside for a few minutes to thaw enough to avoid cracking in the glass once liquor is poured over.)

Best when paired with the ricotta gnocchi and pork belly dishes from Dot Dot Dot's menu.

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“Love is Like a Song”

… enjoy this great winter cocktail

Why? We all need a bit of cheer to ward off the “icy fang” of winter, and citrus brightens up both the day and the disposition. This cocktail has both sweet-tart tangerine and tart fresh lemon juice, plus the nutty warmth of hazelnut liqueur to give it enough complexity to hold up to heartier wintry entrees.

How To Make This Drink

1.5 oz Reyka Icelandic vodka
(filtered over lava rocks- to add a little minerality to the flavor profile which we applaud)
3/4 oz Lillet Blanc
(a fortified wine with more citrus and floral notes than a vermouth, so it adds fragrance to this tangerine-focused cocktail)
1/2 oz lemon juice
1 oz Frangelico
2 oz tangerine syrup
Shake vigorously and pour into a large coup glass.
Best when paired with the house-cured meat and cheese charcuterie, burrata or poke dishes from Dot Dot Dot's menu.

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Our new blog is almost ready to launch. Check back soon to see recipes, upcoming events, and ... whisky!