Dress Code


For the record, we are by no means The Fashion Police.

We worked with our Members to create a dress code policy everyone can appreciate and enjoy. Why? Because we want you to feel as classy and sophisticated as the food and drinks we serve you.

What’s that mean? Something you’d wear on a first date. Or interview. Nothing you’d wear to bed, gym, beach or bleachers. Nice jeans are welcome as long as they aren’t ripped or torn, accompanied by a nice blouse, polo, or buttoned up shirt

Fedoras, bowler hats and paper-boy caps are all fine, but please, no baseball caps, fitted or snap-backs. We will ask you to remove it before entering the dining room. Please, no graphic tees or sports fan attire.

Shorts? Our members voted to allow shorts in the warmer months (May – September). However, flip flops, crocs and slides aren’t allowed.

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Members enjoy conversations over cocktails and a menu meant to be shared. We’re an inclusive gathering, who know a thing or two about the art of cocktails.

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