Dress Code


We worked with our Members to create a dress code policy everyone can appreciate and enjoy. Why? Because Dot Dot Dot is stylish, but not stuffy. Members you may meet will be well turned out, so never turned away.

Must men wear a tie? Well, no – especially if it’s polyester. Must women wear Louboutin stilettos? Of course not – but leave the flip-flops behind. Our Door Person is charged with gently turning away guests or forgetful Members who arrive in whatever the membership deems inappropriate: t-shirts, team logos, tank tops, togas … when in doubt, take it up a notch. Something you’d wear on a first date. Or interview. Nothing you’d wear to bed or beach or bleachers. Nice jeans are welcome as long as they aren’t ripped or torn.

Shorts? Our members voted to allow shorts in the warmer months (May – September). But they’ll never cave on open-toed shoes for guys.


We’re in a hideaway that’s easy to find … the second time! (Hunt for our logo on the Backlot of Park Road Shopping Center.) Members enjoy conversations over cocktails and a menu meant to be shared. We’re an inclusive gathering, who know a thing or two about the art of cocktails.

Join our community today — we can’t wait to meet you!